Radar & Update

Again, been slow on the updates but it’s not surprising. I’ve been struggling with being on top of my other activities and maintaining a routine with all the recent travel (Guatemala, North Carolina, Mexico, Chicago) and work becoming busier. At times, it has been frustrating but at others, it’s been easy to just get caught up in it and completely forget prioritizing other important activities. The following is a a brief list of things I’ve been reading, seeing, thinking about, and listening to. It probably dates back to March when I originally intended on publishing this post but I did get around to it!




TV Shows

  • Blue Planet II
  • Jane the Virgin * Not a guilty pleasure! A show with depth, funny, and basically everything you want plus an intentional telling of latinx stories
  • Ugly Delicious







On my mind

Intentions / Plans

  • To use my blog more intentionally and maybe, even to blog more frequently.
  • To bike as often as possible now that it’s warm (and I have no more excuses)
  • Moderate my phone use before I go to sleep and after
  • I’m training for my first triathlon! Going forward, most of my workouts will keep that in mind
  • Still attempting to organize a hackathon and study for a certification but progress has been slow

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