self love & valentines

On this corporate scam day, I’ve been reflecting on the all of love in my life, the power of femme friendships, what I am truly passionate about, and self love. To put it briefly, I am so often in gratitude from the magnitude of love I have in my life and it is something I never want to take for granted. Last night, I hungout with some of my friends in the spirit of galentines and that mostly consisted of wine, cheese, cupcakes, pizza, and lots of catching up. It truly is remarkable how cathartic being listened to and understood and heard and recognized is. Femme friendships are truly important above most other things. Due to a minor scare which has left me spending more time relaxing and recovering, I’ve been indulging in more reading, elearning, and skill building. Scares can somehow manifest into joyful things that require you to adjust your time and energy into things that you are equally passionate about. It can be an exciting thing (depending on how you choose to look at it) or excuse to fully pursue more things that interest you. Additionally, Adrian Grenier is an advocate for skipping straws and excess plastic usage which I find to be inspiring. I’d like to take the opportunity to remind you that bringing metal straws around, using a reusable water bottle, and saying no to plastic bags is much easier than you would think. Fighting for a future with a cleaner ocean that is not negatively impacted by plastic usage is something you can do through advocacy and life style changes. I’d like to encourage you to consider your impact and realize that you physically want to have as little negative impact as possible. Lastly, since so much of valentines day is focused on love and dates and spending and candy I also would like to draw attention to the importance of mindful self love. Admittedly hard to spend time on when there is so much life going on but I just wanted to include really simple things that you can do to start practicing self love. None of these are particularly radical or revolutionary but as long as they make you happy and remind you to practice things that you enjoy, that is all that really matters.
  • call your friends
  • go for a walk
  • go outside and breathe
  • find art that makes you happy and follow that artist online. support that artist through sharing or patreon
  • follow people that inspire (not intimidate or make you feel as if you’re not enough) you
  • stretch
  • exercise and really find a form of exercise that gives you the happiest endorphins
  • hydate
  • make any concoction of a warm beverage that hydrates, nourishes, energizes, and warms you
  • have a drink or two
  • buy a magazine
  • watering plants or planting a seed
  • using a scent difuser
  • check out a book from the library
  • dry brush
  • schedule a manicure, facial, gym class, or massage
  • support a local business
  • go to a farm to table restaurant
  • take up space
  • read random theory
  • watch videos of animals or people doing funny things
  • challenge yourself to learn a new schedule
  • intentionally journal
  • carry the journal around and jot down all your thoughts
  • digital detoxes
  • bathes
  • pause before critcism
  • start a new book or show
  • buy tickets for that show or thing you wanted to see
  • wander around a random museum
  • sing along to your favorite songs

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