Antes de mis seis semanas en Quito, Ecuador

As indicated above, I got about 5 sleeps until I leave the country for six weeks. And, yes, my stomach just dropped once again, at the thought of the realness of that statement.

It is happening and it real. I’m leaving for Quito, Ecuador for six weeks this Sunday. Feelings include true regret and genuine excitement and I can imagine that I will spend most of my time somewhere in between.

I am posting this to hold myself accountable to some goals I plan on working towards while I am abroad. My focus, naturally, will be on improving my Spanish.


  • Spanish
    • Read
      • To complete reading 2 books
    • Write
      • To blog every week in Spanish
      • To keep a notebook
    • Grammar
      • To practice using a grammatical structure every week
      • To learn a new grammatical structure
    • Listen / Watch
      • Watch TV
        • Maybe watch a movie a week
        • Continue with Club de Cuervos
      • Listen to podcasts
    • Speaking
      • Find intercambios?
      • Avoid English
    • Misc
      • Slang
      • Speaking faster
      • Learn new vocab
      • Make non-English speaking friends
  • Exploring Quito
    • Culture, barrios…
  • Exploring Ecuador
    • Galapagos
    • Quilotoa
    • Otavalo
    • Cloud forest
    • Whale watching
  • Other
    • Find a yoga studio
    • meditate regularly
    • Be more mindful / intentional
    • Develop my personal growth / be uncomfortable with solitude / be aware of anxiety / grow / ya know
    • Avoid the news
    • Self care days
    • Avoid injury
    • Do long distance
    • Improve technical skills
    • Create 5 year plan / benchmark post grad / envision goals for once I start working

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