And now, I will proceed to set the world on the fire..

I just graduated college. And what a whirlwind of a week it has been. But how can I even begin to process this new chapter I am starting? Maybe I can start by considering what was said during commencement: the best revenge (or even healing) is to live well. Now, that doesn’t sound like a bad place to start. But first, I want to briefly reflect on the time spent…

It has been one of my greatest life privileges to attend Fordham University and graduating is my most significant life achievement.

—And those who knew me in high school will probably get a good laugh out of this, but, hey can you really judge ppl on what they said at 18??—

At Fordham, I found God, social justice, social entrepreneurship, true friendship, love, a strength to forgive myself running, and an unstoppable will. I failed so many times and went where I never expected but now I’m here and I’m so much better for it.

Thank you Fordham for teaching me how to be generous and for giving me the desire to learn how to truly live a life for others. A huge part of my life prior to now has been devoted to Fordham and with a heavy heart it is finally time to move on and I am enterally grateful for this opportunity.

For those who held my hand, smiled at me and always said hi, liked all of my posts, answered my phone call at 2am, and listened to me complain and struggle over the same things—I cannot thank you enough. My college friends…thank you for showing me the love and sense of belonging I was truly looking for my entire life. And the biggest thanks to my loving/supportive/sacrificing parents who never gave up on me. I love you all.

Thank you and excuse me as I set the world on fire.

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