Looking forward

I figure that now would be an appropriate time to look forward to 2017 in a non-bulleted form. In less then a week, I’ll be heading back to the Bronx for my final semester at Fordham University. I am unclear about how I feel about that fact–certainly nervous but excited. For the first time in awhile, my life is going to dramatically and permanently change. I’m going to become an adult citizen in this changing and polarizing world and after years of my Jesuit education at Fordham, I’m going to have that opportunity to “go and set the world on fire”.

My 2016 was personally successful and I want to continue that momentum as I take my final classes, graduate, get a credit card, rent my own apartment, move downtown, travel, and start my full-time position. Additionally, I want to be able to maintain this blog as a source of my well-constructed thoughts and feelings of current events, politics, sustainability, inclusion/representation, tech, and Latino issues while publishing my attempts at productivity while balancing, academics, extracurriculars, curating my news consumption, daily workouts, part-time/full-time jobs, side-projects, my constant battle with anxiety, and plenty more.

While I felt as if my 2016 went well, I also recognize that globally and nationally, in my opinion, 2016 was disastrous at points. Disastrous in the sense that I have been actively witnessing our democracy transition to a president that I vehemently disagree with, primary attempts at censoring the press (i.e Trump referring to CNN as ‘fake news’), slow attempts to combat global warming (which will probably be reversed shortly), women’s rights being tested, time being wasted from a lack of civil discourse and compromise, continuous food waste, white supremacy on the rise again (!?), and a ton of other backwards, ignorant, and hateful things. It’s a frustrating time to be alive, to be an American, and to graduate college into such an uncertain world. With this blog, I want to stay as actively aware, resistant, and vocal of all of the injustice that I am witnessing.

For now, what I plan on doing is to stay as actively aware, resistant, and vocal of all of the injustice that I am witnessing. I want to document what I see and think. I want to stay engaged, continue learning, develop myself personally and professionally, push myself out of my comfort zone, remain organized and productive, and to be kinder. Additionally, in a more hopeful and less resistant attempt I want to remain engaged in conversations about community development, sustainability, intersectionality, inclusion, representation, innovation, and new tech.

Lastly, copying from a friend, Juvoni Beckford, I plan on looking forward to 2017 with these chosen three words:

Breathe. Go. Persistence.

Breathe–referring to the need to pause, to remain calm, to remain present, to be intentional, to stop worrying and letting anxiety control me, to trust and to pause before I act.

Go–referring to my need to get everything I need accomplished, accomplished. To travel, to graduate, to leave my comfort zone (fearlessly), to move, to work and to look forward and not backwards.

Persistence–I want to continue in spite of change, opposition, and discomfort. This refers to how I need to remain persistent to my daily practices of learning, kindness, breathing, practicing, traveling, and pushing myself. I want to become steadfast in my positive habits and to grow from there.


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